Course Instructors

Jurijs Oļeiņikovs

Jurijs Oleinikovs is an Oracle infrastructure expert - planning, implementation, maintenance - all stages of the process. The lecturer is an expert in troubleshooting and performance tuning. As a competent professional in the field, he has participated in countless conferences and seminars on the relevant topic. The instructor's knowledge is so extensive that it is impossible to list everything done: Oracle Database Server, Oracle Application Server and server technologies such as Unix (Sun Solaris), Linux (RedHat, Suse), as well as Windows platforms (NT, 2000, XP) and Ms Exchange. Unix/Linux programming, C++, SQL and XHTML/CSS, etc.

Jānis Koklačs

Lecturer brings over 20 years of leadership experience in diverse global business environments, specializing in product management, IT, and telecommunications. He is skilled in various project management methodologies including SAFE, Scrum, and Waterfall, and he is adept at training and facilitating in these areas. Known for his excellent team management and leadership skills, the lecturer has a strong network across multiple countries, enhancing the teaching with a rich blend of practical insights and global perspectives.

Jolanta Groša

Jolanta Grosa is a graphic designer and e-learning developer. The teacher is Adobe certified with more than ten years of experience. Specializes in Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign and combines graphic design knowledge with adult education skills to provide relevant and effective training solutions.

Uldis Doniņš

Uldis Donins is a software engineering and data science professional who is passionate about using technology to drive innovation and solve complex problems. A foundation of knowledge in software design, development, delivery and project management drives Uldis and his teams to the success. The lecturer is an enthusiast of constant learning and keeping up with the latest industry trends. The instructor combines keeping up with the trends and a strong base of knowledge and skills.