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VMware vSphere: What’s New [V8]
In this 2-day course, you will explore the new features and enhancements in VMware vCenter® 8.0, VMware ESXi™ 8.0, and VMware vSphere® 8.0. Through use-case scenarios, demonstrations, labs, and simulations, you develop skills to implement and configure vSphere 8.0. This course is recommended for customers who want to deploy vSphere 8 in their existing vSphere environment.
ITIL, IT Governance and Service Management
ITIL®4 Foundation
The ITIL®4 Foundation course is designed for professionals who want to utilize ITIL®4 framework in their professional work, enhancing and developing both IT and other service processes, performance, and quality. Within the scope of the training, the main concepts and process models of the ITIL®4 framework for ensuring the quality of IT Service Management (ITSM) will be acquired. By participating in discussions and completing practical tasks, participants gain an understanding and the necessary skills in analyzing best practice examples, with the ability to integrate them into their company's IT Service Management processes.
Agile Scrum
Scrum Master Certified (SMC™)
The Scrum Master Certified (SMC™) course is a comprehensive training program designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills to become effective Scrum Masters in Agile project management. The course covers essential Scrum principles, practices, and frameworks, emphasizing the Scrum Master's role in facilitating team collaboration, removing obstacles, and optimizing the development process. Upon completion, participants will be prepared to lead Agile teams, promote continuous improvement, and drive successful project deliveries using Scrum methodologies.
Azure Infrastructure
Microsoft Azure Fundamentals
During this course, IT professionals will learn how to manage their Azure subscriptions, secure identities, administer the infrastructure, configure virtual networking, connect Azure and on-premises sites, manage network traffic, implement storage solutions, create and scale virtual machines, implement web apps and containers, back up and share data, and monitor solutions.

Clients reviews

Selection, Analysis and Visualization of Information and Data with Microsoft Excel

The benefits are so numerous that it's hard to list. I learned a lot of new functions and options that I had not used before. Great training for logical thinking and memory. When I applied for studies, I did not expect such a productive and diligent work. The satisfaction is immense!

Development of E-courses

In cooperation with BDA, we have developed several e-courses that have been given to colleagues for daily use and learning new knowledge. The most extensive cooperation with the company has been in the development of a data and IT security e-course, which every colleague of the "Tet" group must learn once a year. The course is user friendly and convenient. BDA is always responsive, fast and professionally responds to any kind of technical needs. Attitude and the quality of work - these are two cornerstones, why we would recommend cooperation with BDA!

Microsoft Excel Advanced

A wonderful, responsive and knowledgeable instructor. Provided comprehensive answers to all questions asked by the trainees, supplementing the explanations with practical examples, which allowed us to better understand the theoretical material and its application in real work situations.

Systems Testing

As part of the course, qualitative theoretical material on testing and test automation was provided. I got valuable study materials, as well as practical tips in the testing process. During the course, information was provided on opportunities for further professional development and various areas of testing were introduced. The practical tasks provided a clear understanding of the specific work in each of the areas discussed. Both lecturers, Ieva and Rolands, stood out for their high professionalism, excellent presentation skills and patience. Their extensive theoretical knowledge base, complemented by practical examples, provided insight into today's trends in the testing and automation industry.

SQL Fundamentals

The content and teaching materials of BDA courses are of high quality. The goal of the course, according to its topic, was achieved - the resulting knowledge is even deeper than what is required in connection with my work duties.

Project Management

I obtained extensive information about the basic principles, methodologies and processes of project management, which have been important not only for professional development in the existing workplace, but also contributed to a more efficient organization of work at the moment. This course was comprehensive and provided a clear understanding of the importance and specifics of project management. Thanks to the course, I realized that project management could be a field in which I would like to develop in the future.

Microsoft Excel Fundamentals

Very useful courses! High quality, adapted to the level of knowledge of the group and with an optimal number of participants. Competence of teachers is commendable.

Microsoft Azure Administrator

BDA always demonstrates competence in Microsoft training!

BDA focuses on learning content creation and training, which gives us the opportunity to complete their portfolio with the technical part. We think that this cooperation can be successful towards the same goal - to create and to have the best learning experience, and the highest technical solutions from our partnership. Our implemented and existing projects are showing that this partnership is going in the right direction. The positive experience includes BDA involvement and contribution during the whole process as well as communication and the detailed explanation of the needed results, BDA is working based on Agile principles, as Vextur working as well, which leads to great solutions of complex needs. We would recommend others to choose BDA, because it is focused on the main goal and helps their partners in all the way. They have accumulated huge experience by organizing trainings and their knowledge of the Latvian market is extraordinary.

Oracle Database: SQL and PL/SQL Fundamentals

The portfolio of courses offered by BDA is impressively wide and offers highly qualified lecturers. Although I have only completed one course in my experience, I would really like to continue studying at BDA. I appreciate that the quality of the course fully corresponds to its cost, providing a practical benefit.

Microsoft Excel Advanced

Thank you for the professionally prepared and effectively managed curriculum, as well as for the provided high-quality learning materials!

Assessment of Competences

We thank BDA specialists for their support in determining the digital skills of our employees! The advice received helped to prepare the test questions, which are very important to arrive at objective data. BDA administered the Digital Skills Self-Assessment Test and helped us compile the results.

Great! The lecturer always answered the students' questions, not only with verbal answers, but with practical examples. The courses are very modern!

News and Updates 2023 in the Field of AML/CFT and Sanctions

Very good lecturers - knowledgeable and know how to present information. Not reading slides, but real stories from your own experience!

Development of E-courses

I highly appreciate the cooperation with BDA, which was our training partner in the development of e-courses for the company's employees. The whole process was planned on time and professionally managed. BDA specialists use modern principles of micro-learning in the development of e-learning, including various interactive elements that promote more effective learning and, therefore, better perception of information.

This year, for the first time, we cooperated with BDA within the framework of the "Iepazīsti tehnoloģijas" program. And we can definitely say that this cooperation turned out to be valuable, professional and pleasant. The participants of the program, showing initiative and high motivation, had the opportunity to get paid training - in learning the basics of Usability and UX, as well as in the basic course of an ISTQB® certified tester. The BDA specialists were professional and encouraging when participating in the curriculum lessons and events.

ISTQB Certified Tester Foundation Level

Before starting the courses, the information provision was perfectly organized, providing a clear and detailed overview of the upcoming learning process. Educational materials are developed with high quality. The course was also structured in such a way that at the beginning of each lesson there was a repetition of the previous material and a test of knowledge, which promoted an effective learning process. In case of incorrect answers, the teacher carefully explained the learning material, which contributed to a deeper understanding of the learning material.

Project Management

The organization of the educational process is excellently structured. The electronic learning environment is very clear to understand and informative support is provided immediately. The instructors are high-level professionals who have excellent knowledge in their field, while remaining open and friendly. In addition, the learning materials, as well as additional resources, are of high quality and extensive. The course content is comprehensive and complements related fields, which is a great asset for expanding knowledge. I can confidently recommend BDA as a high-quality educational organization that not only meets high standards, but also promotes adult development in a humane, understandable and accessible way.

Development of E-courses

Valsts administrācijas skola (VAS) cooperated with BDA in the development of 4 e-learning courses within the framework of the project "Professional Development of Human Resources of State Administration in the Field of Prevention of Corruption and Reduction of the Shadow Economy" co-financed by EU funds. The work was carried out carefully and qualitatively, using the specific terminology of the field, listening to the wishes of VAS and offering the most appropriate solutions.

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