SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 Advanced Administration

Course duration, academic hours: 40
Price (excl. VAT) 1500,00 
Price (with VAT): 1815,00 
Lecturer: Ainis Mūsiņš
Ainis Mūsiņš
Ainis Musins is an experienced instructor of operating system administration, installation and troubleshooting, paying special attention to IT security. Certified in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 and Certified Information Security Manager® (CISM) - global standards for developing robust information security programs. The specialist provides in-depth insight into the creation of security infrastructures, the identification of network threats and the implementation of effective countermeasures.

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Course target
  • During this course you will learn:

    • System Optimization
    • Control Groups
    • Manage encryption
    • Use the Shell efficiently and create Shell scripts
    • Manage Hardware and Drivers
    • Advanced Networking configuration
    • iSCSI and Multipath IO
    • Centralized Authentication
    • Packaging software and managing system updates
    • Configuration Management using Salt

The course is designed for those who already have experience with Linux, including general system configuration and using the command line. The course is ideal for those seeking advanced administration skills on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15, those who have completed the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 Administration (SLE201v15) course and those preparing to take the SUSE Certified Engineer in Enterprise Linux 15 certification exam.

At Course Completion

Attending students should have a good working knowledge of general system configuration and working with the Linux command line. After attending the course, the student should be capable of administering SLES 15 and be able to deal with specialized networking and storage configuration. They should also have a solid understanding of basic Bash scripting.


Before attending this course, it is highly recommended that students have a good working knowledge of Linux and should be able to:

  • Perform partitioning and file system setup and maintenance
  • Perform system configuration including network setup and user management
  • Manage software packages
  • Work on the command line including file management and text editing
  • This knowledge can be gained through the SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 Administration Course (SLE201v15).
Training materials

The student kit includes necessary materials for this class.

Certification Exam

This course prepares you to take the SUSE Certified Engineer in Enterprise Linux 15 certification exam

Course outline
  • Advanced System Administration
  • Encryption
  • Shell Scripting
  • Hardware
  • Advanced Networking
  • Advanced Storage Administration
  • Centralized Authentication
  • Advanced Software Management
  • Configuration Management with Salt

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