Great customer experience – our goal

As part of the training, you will have the opportunity to improve your existing knowledge in working with customers – to achieve better sales results. In order to strengthen the newly acquired skills as best as possible, theoretical knowledge will be supplemented with practical tasks.

Course duration, academic hours: 5
Price (excl. VAT) 250,00 
Price (with VAT): 302,50 
Lecturer: Imants Šmits
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Course target

Find answers to questions about how to reach your sales goal and take care of your customer.


Anyone working in or interested in sales.

At course completion you will be able to
  • Better understand the basic principles of customer service;
  • Achieve better sales results;
  • Go to your customers with a new dose of motivation to give them a great customer experience.

There are no specific prerequisites.

Training materials

BDA developed teaching materials and examples of practical works.

Certification exam

Not intended.

Course outline
  1. Everything starts with the basics
  • Readiness for self, client and work;
  • Prerequisites;
  • The aim.


  1. Sales logic


  • Noticing, greeting;
  • Finding out the needs;
  • Argumentation, demonstration.


  1. Types of sellers


  • Start with yourself;
  • Finding your true type;
  • Improving your type.


  1. Empathy


  • Interest;
  • Attitude;
  • Building and maintaining long-term relationships.


  1. Closing


  • Driving towards a decision;
  • Cross-sale;
  • Up-sale;
  • Conclusion of transactions;
  • End of studies.


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