Effective time management

Effective time planning is one of the most important factors in achieving both personal and company goals. Take the opportunity to learn more about increasing productivity by learning the basics of time management, the main reasons for wasting time, prioritization techniques and more. These lessons are valuable for employees of all organizations, regardless of their position.

Course duration, academic hours: 8
Price (excl. VAT) 250,00 
Price (with VAT): 302,50 
Lecturer: Evija Ūpe
Course target

Improving knowledge and skills about:

  • effective time planning – time thieves, reasons for wasting time, processes, prioritization, methods, etc. c. aspects;
  • recognition and elimination of time planning errors;
  • awareness of one’s personal responsibility in improving the time planning process.

Employees of all organizations

At course completion you will be able to
  • Understand the nature, role and importance of effective time planning in the organization (work environment) and personal life;
  • Recognize and eliminate time planning errors;
  • Be aware of and take responsibility for the time planning process.

There are no specific prerequisites.

Training materials

Teaching materials and examples of practical works developed by the lecturer.

Certification exam

Not intended.

Course outline
  1. What is time / time thieves;
  2. The two most important reasons for wasting time;
  3. What is the cornerstone of time planning;
  4. What are the 3-5 main methods of effective time planning;
  5. Modern time planning applications or “the good old planner”;
  6. Self-organization and self-management.

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