Psychological aspects of change management

Companies are constantly changing, regardless of whether the company’s employees want it or not. For many managers, successful change management is associated with skillful process management, however, the most important are people, because they are the ones who ensure the successful implementation of changes in the company. In order to manage change successfully, it is important to understand both the change process itself, as well as the thoughts, values, assumptions of the people involved, as well as the reasons and types of resistance. Likewise, it is important for a manager to improve his emotional and communicative intelligence, to learn communication tools for more successful change management in order to strengthen his team in the change process.

Course duration, academic hours: 12
Price (excl. VAT) 300,00 
Price (with VAT): 363,00 
Lecturer: Agita Šmitiņa
Course target

Improving knowledge and skills on:

  • situations of change in the organization;
  • people’s reactions, thoughts, actions and assumptions in situations of change;
  • the role of the socio-psychological climate in the company in the change acceptance process;
  • manager’s roles, missions and competences in changes; change acceptance model.

CEOs and managers of structural units.

At course completion you will be able to:
  • Understand the process of change;
  • Understand the assumptions, reasons and types of resistance of people involved in the change process;
  • Apply various communication tools to strengthen your team in the process of change;
  • Implement changes in the company.



There are no specific prerequisites.

Training materials

Training materials and hands-on examples are developed by the lecturer.

Certification exam

Not intended.

Course outline
  • Change: where am I in the process; ⁠
  • People in change: reactions, assumptions, thoughts and forms of resistance;
  • The role of socio-psychological climate in acceptance of change management;
  • The role and mission of the leader in change management;
  • Change acceptance model;
  • How to strengthen yourself and the team during changes;
  • Managerial competencies and emotional intelligence.

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