Objections and calls

Initiating contact with a potential customer is both simple and difficult at the same time, involving a number of different challenges. Administrators often do not connect with the person in charge, and even if they manage to call the right person, objections are often expressed about the call received. As part of the training, we will touch on all these challenges and gather ideas for solving them.

Course duration, academic hours: 7
Price (excl. VAT) 250,00 
Price (with VAT): 302,50 
Lecturer: Jānis Ozoliņš
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Course target

Developing in-depth understanding and practical skills on:

  • Work with objections – approaches/techniques for their more successful resolution;
  • Initiating telephone contact with a potential client – the most important factors for the focus of thinking, the structure of the call, typical mistakes, etc. c.

Anyone whose daily work involves:

  • Making calls to potential customers;
  • Sales by telephone;
  • Customer objections during telephone conversations.
At course completion you will be able to
  • Understand the reasons for objections;
  • Show empathy and reduce resistance;
  • Resolve objections on the merits and lead the conversation;
  • Apply a cold call structure while maintaining flexibility;
  • Agree on clear next steps.
There are no specific prerequisites.
Training materials
BDA developed teaching materials and examples of practical works.
Certification exam

Not intended.

Course outline

Working with objections

  1. Reasons for objection
  2. The importance of empathy and immersion
  3. Effective reasoning
  4. Leading the conversation
  5. Methods for more successful handling of objections

Making calls

  1. Thinking focus and mood
  2. Typical mistakes
  3. The purpose of the conversation
  4. Call structure
  5. Working with administrators and “warming up” a cold call.

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