Google Free Online Office Tools

After completing the course, the participants will be able to work with Google products, which will help them to do their work in the office much more efficiently. They will learn how to use different online tools integrated with Google.

The length of the course is 32 academic hours (16 academic hours of face-to-face or online learning and 16 academic hours of learning material in the e-environment).

Course duration, academic hours: 16
Price (excl. VAT) 210,00 
Price (with VAT): 254,10 
Lecturer: Daiga Zentele
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Course target

The target of the course is to build a deeper understanding and practical skills to work independently with the Google Drive/Suite collection of tools, as well as to find and use other online tools for solving issues encountered in everyday work and for effective collaboration.


Employees of micro and small businesses, sole traders who use Google products and use Google search capabilities on a daily basis.

At Course Completion

During the course, students will learn how to:

  • Create or post files (files) to Google Drive, search, edit and share them;
  • Formulate Google queries to quickly obtain specific information;
  • Find what you need between Google and other manufacturers online and:
    • Create calendars, plan meetings, share calendar information, create tasks in Google Calendar;
    • Create reminders (by time or place) and notes in Google Keep; Create your own maps, get links to share them or publish them on the website with Google Maps;
    • Save and sync contact information between multiple devices/team members.
  • Perform file format conversion online;
  • Scan files for malware online;
  • Get an insight into the possibilities of image processing with online tools; Merge, split, convert PDF (and other) files; Create new users in Google Suite and manage the enterprise structure of Google services.

Computer skills.

Training materials

Course attendees receive learning material in an e-environment.

Certification Exam

Not intended.

Course outline
  • Additional functionality and hidden tools of the Google search engine (statistics, calculations, specific queries);
  • Google Drive and related tools (Calendar, Keep, Tasks, Maps, Cloud Print);
  • Google Suite administration and enterprise tools;
  • Other online tools (Virustotal, CloudConvert, PDFMerge);
  • Mobile applications.