AML/CFT Advanced Level Training Module: Preventing Corruption and Money Laundering

This training provides an opportunity for the employees of banks and financial institutions to increase their qualifications, improving their skills and knowledge of suspicious situations, after which it is possible to recognize that the financial means involved in the transaction may be related to corruption.

Course duration, academic hours: 8
Price (excl. VAT) 325,00 
Price (with VAT): 393,25 
Lecturer: Viesturs Burkāns


14. August, 2024
Viesturs Burkāns
Price (excl. VAT)
Price (with VAT):
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Training schedule:
14.08.2024 09:00-16:15
Course target

To improve the existing competences in recognizing suspicious situations, being able to identify that, possibly, the financial means involved in the transaction are related to corruption.

  • Employees of banks and financial institutions whose duties include reporting suspicious threshold transactions;
  • Other employees of the mentioned institutions, who are indirectly related to these issues in the performance of their duties.
At Course Completion you will be able to
  • Orient yourself in information about the types of corruption and signs that indicate possible corruption;
  • Theoretically and practically recognize suspicious transactions, their stages and report them to the Financial Intelligence Service;
  • Argue your actions to the supervisory authority about what was reported or not reported to the Financial Intelligence Service;
  • Advise colleagues and management.

Attended AML and CFT basic level training course or acquired knowledge and skills in the scope of these studies.

Training materials

Electronic materials about the information provided within the framework of training.

Certification Exam

Not intended.

Course outline
  1. Recommendations of international organizations in the fight against corruption, country assessment;
  2. Determination of criminal liability, Criminal Law;
  3. European Union Convention on Combating Corruption;
  4. FATF anti-corruption requirements;
  5. A politically significant person;
  6. Reporting system;
  7. Typologies and characteristics of corruption-related transactions;
  8. Legalization of funds obtained through corruption;
  9. Specific risk factors in corruption money laundering.

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