Usability and UX Foundation

Join the six-lecture course “Usability and UX Foundation” to be able to use the full potential of your products and services! Valuable user experiences (UX) increase both customer satisfaction and also contribute to long-term business success. Learn how to bridge the gap between people’s needs and proposed solutions. This course has been carefully designed to provide a comprehensive and practical learning experience.

The training combines:

  1. learning the theory and reviewing real-life examples;
  2. practicing newly acquired knowledge with real projects.
Course duration, academic hours: 24
Price (excl. VAT) 995,00 
Price (with VAT): 1203,95 
Lecturer: Anete Serečenko
Anete Serečenko
Experienced user researcher, passionate about sharing expertise. Committed to user understanding, making solutions highly valued for their users.
Anete`s journey with UX Research began in 2013. Witnessing the impactful solutions of this approach, lecturer is driven to share its potential. UX Research is a triumphant synergy—solutions tackling problems while users relish their value.
Lecturer`s educational philosophy revolves around igniting the potential of their students by encouraging them to push their boundaries. Despite collective learning, it is ensured that each student receives personalized guidance.


08. August, 2024 - 23. August, 2024
Anete Serečenko
Price (excl. VAT)
Price (with VAT):
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Training schedule:
08.08.2024 13:00-16:15
09.08.2024 13:00-16:15
15.08.2024 13:00-16:15
16.08.2024 13:00-16:15
22.08.2024 13:00-16:15
23.08.2024 13:00-16:15
Course target

Provide comprehensive acquisition of knowledge and skills in all key areas of UX, from understanding users to creating enhanced experiences.


  • User researchers or designers who want to improve their knowledge in user experience discipline;
  • Software developers who want to learn techniques for designing more engaging systems;
  • Project managers and Scrum Masters who want to learn how to introduce usability in a full lifecycle process of their design project;
  • Interface designers who want to learn methods for testing and evaluating their designs;
  • Web site designers who want to understand the principles of human-centered design;
  • Marketing managers who want to find out the business and brand benefits of user experience;
  • Business analysts who want to learn quick and effective tools for communicating requirements of users;
  • Anyone who is planning transition from their current job role to a career in user experience
At Course Completion you will be able to:
  1. Understand the main principles of UX and usability, their history and the essential role of accessibility;

  2. Understand and apply user research methods to gather insights and translate them into actionable design strategies;

  3. Develop and usage of user personas, user experience maps and prioritize features to effectively blast user requirements;

  4. Gain knowledge of Information Architecture (IA), prototyping and usability testing to improve digital experiences;

  5. Understand UX metrics, interaction design principles; Work on real solutions and improving the experience; Access valuable information to further explore the field of usability and UX.


You don’t need a background in user experience, design or coding to take this course.

Training materials

Training materials prepared by BDA.

Certification Exam

Upon successful completion of the course, a certificate prepared by BDA will be issued.

For a separate fee, it is also possible to take the international BCS Foundation Certificate in User Experience V1.4 certification exam (exam fee is not included in the course price).

Course outline
  1. lecture: Introduction to Usability and UX
    Purpose: To introduce the concepts of usability and UX, justifying their importance and impact on the success of the solution;
  2. lecture: User and UX research
    Purpose: To learn and apply user research methods, giving the participants the opportunity to effectively collect and analyze user feedback and behavior;
  3. lecture: User requirements Objective:
    Purpose: To teach defining user requirements using different tools and methods, making sure that the experience meets the user’s needs;
  4. lecture: Creating an effective digital experience
    Purpose: To provide a comprehensive understanding of information architecture (IA), prototyping and usability testing with the goal of improving the user experience;
  5. lecture: Optimizing digital interfaces: from usability indicators to visual harmony Purpose: To introduce usability and user experience indicators in order to gain an understanding of mental models, principles of interaction design, as well as basic principles of visual design;
  6. lecture: UX improvement – ​​focus on usability, ethics and UX maturity in companies Purpose: To promote understanding of how to evaluate and improve user experience using usability testing techniques, recognizing and mitigating dark patterns to improve UX maturity levels within an organization.

Practical tasks and homework
As part of the training, practical tasks will promote more effective application of theoretical knowledge in practice, analyzing and improving existing experience.

Future learning opportunities and resources for in-depth UX exploration
At the end of the training, every cadet will receive resources for further training opportunities in this field. The materials are specially selected to support different learning methods and promote the professional development of everyone.

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