Design Thinking in Practice

In recent decades, the words “design”, “innovation” or “design thinking” have been heard very often. Perhaps even too often, and it makes you wonder if these words have any meaning.

Today, there are countless courses available online that describe design thinking and practice examples from the organizations mentioned. However, to truly understand the design approach, you need to experience it.

The course “Design Thinking in Practice” is designed so that every participant can experience the principles of design thinking on their skin and use them after completing the course.

Course duration, academic hours: 24
Price (excl. VAT) 750,00 
Price (with VAT): 907,50 
Lecturer: Kārlis Jonāss
Kārlis Jonāss
Kārlis Jonass is a design thinking coach. The lecturer supports team cooperation in defining and solving challenges using design thinking, leads coaching sessions, moderates team work and provides training on design thinking.

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Design Thinking in Practice

Course target

Get to know design thinking at a practical level by solving a business challenge assigned by the course leader and working in multidisciplinary groups.


Professionals who have heard of design thinking but haven’t put it into practice.

At Course Completion

Learning outcomes

  • Participants have experienced one iteration of design thinking while working in a team with other participants.
  • Participants are introduced to design thinking as a philosophy on a practical level.
  • Participants have applied different types of design thinking tools.
  • Participants have conducted customer and/or user interviews.
  • Participants have tried different techniques for generating ideas.
  • Participants have done early prototyping of the generated ideas.
  • Participants have implemented prototype testing with customers and/or users.

When starting the course, the participants commit to actively participate in the course and familiarize themselves with the assigned material before the lessons

Training materials

Study materials prepared by BDA.

The course instructor shares the materials that you need to familiarize yourself with for each lesson.

Certification Exam

There is no certification exam.

Course outline

1. Preparation for lessons (1.5h)

  • Reading material on design thinking
  • Video with practice examples

2. Introductory lesson (3h)

  • Introduction to Design Thinking
  • Impact of design in business
  • Double Diamond Methodology
  • Examples of design thinking practice
  • Getting to know the course challenge


  • Reading material about research (0.5h)

3. Research workshop (3h)

  • Exploring the context
  • Defining the customer profile
  • Conducting customer interviews


  • Reading material on definition (0.5h)
  • Conducting an interview (1h)

4. Defining workshop (3h)

  • Collection of interview results
  • Mapping the customer journey
  • Redefining the challenge


  • Reading material on creating ideas (0.5h)

5. Idea generation workshop (3h)

  • Creation of ideas using different levels of techniques
  • Prioritizing ideas
  • A selection of ideas


  • Reading material about experimentation (0.5h)

6. Experimentation workshop (3h)

  • Prototyping in a group
  • Prototype analysis
  • Prototype testing procedure preparation


  • Reading material on collecting the results of experiments (0.5h)
  • Conducting the experiment (1h)

7. Final lesson (3h)

  • Collection of experimental results
  • Group results presentations
  • Course retrospective

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